Homeopathy clinic for Keloid treatment

KELOID is a scar which continues to grow uncontrollably, but is being neglected most of the times, till some symptoms manifest.

A Keloid is a scar, shiny, firm to hard, irregularly shaped and thickened skin growth. Keloid is caused due to an excessive response to trauma such as a cut to the skin.

Any scar caused due to burns, surgical wounds, ear and nasal pricks, tuberculous sinuses, healed skin diseases, vaccination marks and even insignificant pricks may become a Keloid.


Most skin injury types can contribute to scarring. This includes acne scars, burns, chickenpox scars, ear piercing, scratches, surgical cuts or vaccination sites.


Keloids occur from the overgrowth of scar tissue. Symptoms occur at a site of previous skin injury.

The symptoms of keloids can include:

  • a localized area that is flesh-colored, pink, or red in color
  • a lumpy or ridged area of skin that’s usually raised
  • an area that continues to grow larger with scar tissue over time
  • an itchy patch of skin


Homeopathic medicines can partially reduce scarring if keloids are very mild. Moderate to severe keloids generally do not respond to homeopathy. Itching and painfulness can reduce with homeopathic medicines. Some cases of Keloid tendency may be controlled with homeopathy to certain extent.