This is the case of Mr. Suleman (Patient Ref. No. 2511) a 60 years old male patient who reported to the clinic in April 2013. He was a known case of cancer prostate. He had complaints of severe burning and cutting pain during voiding since the last 2 months. He reported that he had been taking strong pain killers, but they were of no use. He also complained of urine frequency at an interval of every 2 hours accompanied with severe back ache. The patient was also suffering from hematuria (blood in urine). His appetite was decreasing day by day and he was feeling weak. He was getting worse with each passing day.

He was fond of meat. He could not sleep properly due to severe pain.

He had marked anxiety about his health and was hopeless that he would not be cured.

He had also become irritable since the past few months.

Based on the above history the patient was prescribed the remedy. After 15 days the burning and pain during urination decreased and there was not blood in the urine. His appetite increased and pain completely alleviated as a result he could sleep properly during night and no more experienced symptoms of sleeplessness during night.

The medications started working on him like a miracle and he responded well and within a short span of time his symptoms dissipated. Again on October 1st his serum PSA levels were checked which were found to be normal and did not show any signs of cancer.

This case illustrates how cancer prostate can be efficiently tackled with homeopathy, even in those cases where other forms of treatment have failed. Homeopathy helped relieved his pain where other forms of treatment had failed.

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