Mr C.S. was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis five years ago. He was under allopathic treatment for five years, but his condition went from bad to worse. He complaints of pain and stiffness. He could hardly move his neck sideways. He had low back pain and stiffness associated with cervical pain and stiffness. He had severe sacro-ilitis which presented as severe pain and stiffness in both hips. He had difficulty even to walk properly. He was unable to lift any weight. He would take cortisone as and when required under the supervision of the local doctor. He visited us in June 2012 to start homeopathy treatment.

His sleep was disturbed due to pain.

Based on the above history the patient was prescribed the remedy. After 15 days the patient has slight relief in stiffness and backache. He was prescribed medicines for one month.

In the 2nd follow up after 1 month he has 20 % relief in stiffness and pain has subsided. Now he can walk properly. He was prescribed medicines for one month.

After one month his stiffness reduced by 40 %. He was prescribed medicines for two months.

Now he was feeling much better, stiffness is better, no backache, and now he can move his neck sideways.

In the subsequent follow-ups the patient was improving gradually and after 8 months did extremely well with the treatment and was free from the pain and stiffness has marked improved which had not been relieved by any other kind of medication in the past.

This case illustrates how Ankylosing Spondylitis can be efficiently tackled with homeopathy, even in those cases where other forms of treatment have failed. Homeopathy can even help to arrest the further progress of the disease.

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