Epilepsy Treatment in Homeopathy

Epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder affecting children as well as adults. The patient experiences episodes of convulsive body movements medically termed as seizures. The seizures are typically described and observed as spasmodic, irregular body movements, affecting various muscle groups of body. It may present with varying intensity and duration, and different groups of muscles in different individuals, at different times.


The most common symptom or a sign of epilepsy is recurrent seizures or convulsions. Seizures are involuntary movements, like jerking or thrashing, or experiencing unusual feelings or sensations, which can be associated with loss of consciousness or being unaware of things happening around.

One may experience and describe seizures in various ways, as it is often a subjective experience:

  • Before appearance of seizure may be hours or days ago, person can notice various changes in his behavior or mood.
  • The relevant history can be obtained from friend or patient himself.
  • The patient can also experience aura before the seizure attack, something like “déjà vu” phenomenon in which the patient feels that he has seen this before or lived this before or can smell strange things or see flashes of lights.
  • After a partial seizure there may be temporary weakness of the affected limb.
  • After generalized seizure the patient may feel awful with headache, myalgia, confusion and a sore tongue.

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