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One shot solution of all types of diseases & Cancer in Homeopathy.

About Expert Cancer Clinic

Welcome to Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic was established in 1979 by Dr. Devendra Singh with the aim to cure chronic and dreaded diseases like cancer, kidney failure, aplastic anemia, hepatitis B, C, etc. by homoeopathy.Dr. Devendra singh, a homeopathic physician, lives and works in lucknow , where he has been running a busy Homeopathic practice for over 36 years Dr. Devendra singh has cured many patients purely with Classical Homeopathic approach in the last 36 years of his practice. He specializes in the treatment of cancer ,kidney failure. Starting the work as ‘One Man Show’ Dr. Devendra singh later build up a team of sincere physicians, Dr Dipika singh Dr Dipendra Singh Dr Dipanjali Singh ,who joined their hands with him to move towards a common theme, putting their sincere efforts to take Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic at greater heights. Over the years, EHC has earned tremendous goodwill for its dedication towards best treatment to patients through Homoeopathic Science. Dr. Devendra Singh and his son Dr. Dipendra Singh,have miraculously treated patients who were left with no hope. Rightfully known as “DYNAMIC DUO OF HOMOEOPATHY “Expert cancer homoeo clinic provides solution for multiple diseases under one roof.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic has completed a journey of 35 years coming across 5 lakh patients. Over the past years 10000 patients have benefitted remarkably of cancer alone. At Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic we help cancer patients live longer and fuller life. We not only treat patients symptomatically, but we believe in adopting a holistic approach in our treatment, which helps patients in regaining complete wellness and health.